The Revolution Has Begun!

So, how does a person begin to blog about something only a short 26 years after their journey first began?

I guess the first thing to do is thank the hundreds of people who helped get us to the place we are today. Without the support of friends, family, partners, investors, vendors, suppliers, and so many others who helped and worked with us as we struggled through the product development, we never would be here today ready to launch our product and bring Lok-N-Blok to the world.

It has been said that “History is made by men and women who are bold enough to risk everything they have for a crazy idea. Explorers, Inventors, people willing to think outside the box!”. It takes great people to inspire us to do great things. Walt Disney had the vision and inspiration to build a destination that turns reality into magic. His own personal will and determination to succeed, and bring about the fantasyland we know today, was made possible by his pure faith in what he was doing. He once said “The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting”, and it’s true, winners aren’t people who don’t fail, they are men and women who have the grit and perseverance to continue, even AFTER they’ve failed. They key is to never quit.

There have been many times over the last 26 years that I’ve wondered if Lok-N-Blok would ever become a reality. There were also many times I questioned what I was being inspired to do, and felt like quitting. Today, as I sit here preparing for the launch of what we believe to be one of the most disruptive products to enter the building materials market in years, this tremendous new building product called Lok-N-Blok, I’m thankful mostly for the people that picked me up during those times I was discouraged. I needed people to be there to refocus my frustration, and make me steer towards the right path. It was extremely hard many times, especially when I felt so strongly that I was willing to risk everything for a dream that no one could see but me.

On top of it all, we feel that now that we have brought our product this far, and have seen and tested firsthand the many benefits of Lok-N-Blok, we realize the reach and impact this product could have has become so much more than we first imagined. It’s not just about building houses anymore, but in many ways it’s a means to help rehouse humanity.

As we start down this road, I want to use this blog to share more of the insider details of what’s going on behind the scenes in the company, as well as our product development. I’m not sure what path God has in store for us, but we will continue to look at it as a journey and not a destination, because there will always be a new place to go. We hope that you will join with us, and take part in history being made.

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