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With decades of hands-on experience in various industries, Greg, the inventor of Lok-N-Blok® is a student of technology and is always thinking ahead. He intuitively envisions the future of building and his passion is defining innovative and new products, and then developing the relationships necessary to bring them to fruition. He has a strong vision for where Lok-N-Blok® will go.
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As a seasoned Manager and Sales Executive, Mike deftly balances sales and operational priorities with the goals of the company - and manages to stay sane while doing it. He brings a fast and lean approach to running everything, putting the systems and infrastructure in place to lay the groundwork for Lok-N-Blok's® growth.
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With years of experience leading creative development, Jason is Lok-N-Blok's® discerning eye. He knows what it takes to build a relationship between a brand and its customers, and owns every aspect of making Lok-N-Blok® look good. Depending on the day, that’s anything from planning out digital strategy to making final decisions on copy.
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Having spent more than 30 years in accounting practices, Eddie is able to balance the fine line of need and ability. His eagle eye allows Lok-N-Blok® to maintain a solid financial direction while still accomplishing goals.
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Spending time in National Accounts for various products of Fortune 50 companies allowed these two to understand large scale development. Leaving those positions, they went on to found and pursue entrepreneurship through several successful startups which has given them the insight to help in many aspects with Lok-N-Blok®.
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