Lok-N-Blok® has several opportunities for partnering.

If you are a builder or developer, we would like to hear from you. Click on the link above for "Builder" and take time to complete the form and so we can contact you about Lok-N-Blok® and how we can help you in using this revolutionary new technology.

If you are an established building products distributor, or a seasoned independent sales rep working in the building product marketplace, click the link "Distributor" above and complete the form so one our management team members can contact you and discuss the opportunity of partnering with Lok-N-Blok® on the introdcution of the product.

If you are located outside the US, and would like to establish a market for Lok-N-Blok® in your country and become a licensed manufacturer/distributor of our technology, click the link above for "Licensed Manufacturer" and complete the form so one of our team members can contact you about this opportunity to bring Lok-N-Blok® to your own country.

Lastly, we are seeking individuals who would like to become even more involved in this groundbreaking technology by becoming investors. If you feel you would like to be a part of our success, we would invite you to contact us and find out more about this opportunity. For a complete package, please click the link above to go to our "Invest" page, and complete the form and receive your investor package.