Lok-N-Blok DR

Lok-N-Blok® has always had a deep commitment to revolutionize the building industry. It started over 10 years ago with the development of a structural composite based building product. The product created was Lok-N-Blok® , and we have been diligently working to bring this product to commercialization through product testing and certification in order to meet the demands of the International Building code.

However, we recently realized there is something more important we could do with our product. There is a population segment being left homeless through natural disaster events, and refugees in foreign areas are becoming homeless, and all are in need of housing. With that need comes the need for low cost, rapidly deployable housing that's more secure than a mere tent. Lok-N-Blok® has developed technology that we feel could be adapted to that specific housing need. As such, the company is re-engineering, and redesigning, its product line to develop a modified product that will be called Lok-N-Blok® DR, for Disaster Relief. This will meet the relief effort not just in our own country, but for displaced persons all over the globe.

By keeping the core benefits of our original Lok-N-Blok® design, the re-engineered blocks will be even more cost effective to produce, still easily deployable, will not require any special tools to construct with, and will be 100% environmentally friendly. The blocks will provide the ability to build safe, strong housing which is superior to many products being provided today. Another key benefit to the blocks will be they are 100% reusable. As temporary housing is replaced with long term permanent dwellings, Lok-N-Blok® DR is designed to be taken down and reused for someone else.

2015 recorded the highest level of displaced persons on record. Over 42 Million people were left homeless due to natural disasters and that's in addition to the 65.3 million refugees who were displaced around the world (of which 21.3 million are under the age of 18). We are facing a global crisis, and these numbers cannot be ignored. With this many people being left devastated, as a company, we feel we must pursue this redesign in order to provide some form of safe and comfortable housing for these displaced families.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to construct
  • Stronger/more durable than traditional wood or masonry
  • Stack and lock together
  • Requires no tools, adhesives, nails, or cement
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Will not mildew, rot, or attract insects

Imagine a home that can be built in record time using a material that can withstand hurricane wind speeds, is impervious to mildew or rot, is cheaper to heat and cool, and is 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable. The newly re-engineered Lok-N-Blok® DR makes this possible. Our product can be used to quickly build durable shelters to house these people while they rebuild their homes and lives.

Lok-N-Blok® is also 100% green and recyclable. Blocks can be reused and repurposed, and remnants can be fully recycled into new blocks. Buildings built with Lok-N-Blok® technology are also more energy efficient to heat and cool due to an insulation value that exceeds R20.

With this in mind, Lok-N-Blok® is in the process of reengineering and repurposing our original product line in order to support the effort of providing shelter in relief situations. By doing so with the most economical, strong materials, it will make it more feasible to be used for disaster relief and temporary housing needs.

If you would like to help us meet our goal by becoming a business sponsor or advocate of our cause, you can contact the company for more details on becoming a partner. Some of things we will need to do to make this feasible include:

  • Purchase a production quality mold/tool enabling us to double the number of blocks produced over our present prototyping mold.
  • Engineering
  • Material development
  • Tooling Testing
  • Process Refinements and Testing
  • Purchase of Material Samples
  • Manufacturing costs associated with production of blocks

With your help, the Lok-N-Blok® DR product could be used for Global relief efforts to aid the millions of refugees and disaster victims who are left homeless.

Every sponsorship or advocacy for the Lok-N-Blok® DR redesign project is greatly appreciated. If you would like to support this effort, use the donation button below. Otherwise, if you would like information, please use the form to share your interest with us, and someone from our staff will contact you. Thank you for supporting this great cause. This project and redesign effort will make a difference in the lives of millions, and without our partners, it would not be possible.

“Designing a better way to build” is our motto, and it is really the truth. This newly designed version of Lok-N-Blok® is the culmination of 15 years of research and development, testing, and incorporating feedback from builders and independent testing firms. We’re making building easier, faster, and stronger than anything you are accustomed to today.

Lok-N-Blok® is changing the way the world thinks about construction.