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This innovative easy to install, self-aligning, mortar-less, interlocking building block system is designed to be simple to use yet provide a superior alternative to other forms of construction, instantly creating value for builders, installers and remodelers. Its design enables quicker and easier installation than other building materials as it’s installed in fewer steps and doesn’t require specialized equipment. With all the strength of existing building materials, Lok-N-Blok, a water resistant, insect resistant, bacteria and mold proof block, is considered “GREEN” through its energy efficiency, as well as the fact that 100% of the product is recyclable. Lok-N-Blok is a revolutionary solution that combines strength, performance and easy installation from its design and material for the best overall value on the market.

The patented design and unique material of Lok-N-Blok simplifies wall construction while improving insulation qualities. Lok-N-Blok’s one-of-a-kind design employs a simple interlocking characteristic while the Envion® (Lok-N-Blok proprietary composite material) yields superior structural strength and insulation qualities.


Lok-N-Blok Stacking view

Male to Female

Lok-N-Blok male to female view

Female to Female

Lok-N-Blok female to female view

Plan View

Lok-N-Blok plan view

Elevation Views

Lok-N-Blok elevation views

Envion® incorporates a minimum of 30% recycled content, qualifying Lok-N-Blok as a green building product that can be used in the calculation of LEED certification in large architectural and engineering projects. Envion® is a green material. Its base polymer is polypropylene, which is considered the most environmentally friendly of fossil-based of all plastics. This is a robust, heat-resistant plastic, and, if burned, it emits only water vapor and carbon dioxide, without any dangerous emissions.

Lok-N-Blok High-performance, green building products from Lok-N-Blok are made to withstand the elements, your unique design ideas, and your budget.
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