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Durable Lok-N-Blok alternative building products reduce labor and material costs and help your property get finished quickly, efficiently, and stunningly while being kinder to the environment.

Lok-N-Blok Stacks Up

  • Provides a method of construction that utilizes a broader labor force for installation – not limited to the highly trained technical workforce and can be installed by unskilled laborers.
  • Eliminates the restriction of limited heights of construction on a concrete masonry wall imposed by soft mortar joints during a typical work period.
  • Encompasses both standard blocks (stretchers) and specialty blocks with a simple one-block design.
  • Reduces the potential for jobsite injuries with the removal of the requirements around the mixing and use of mortar on the jobsite.
  • Drastically changes the demands of the substructure of a building in that the dead weight of material for a building is reduced through a lesser weight building block.
  • Allows the end user, either direct consumer or general contractor, to realize an overall reduction in installed costs through savings in many areas such as delivery costs, labor, materials, and jobsite cleaning, and provides for an environmentally conscious product through waste removal and recycling of all waste products.


We realize the importance of building products that produce lower emissions and reduce harm to our environment. That’s why Lok-N-Blok strives to be Earth friendly by reducing energy consumption and through a clean manufacturing process. As the world strives to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, Lok-N-Blok becomes the alternative to products that produce harmful emissions.

The blocks are easy to assemble, don’t rot, and are lighter than concrete masonry units. In addition, scrap produced from manufacturing and at job sites can be recycled.

Polypropylene is more environmentally friendly than some other plastics. It’s recyclable and doesn’t release as many toxins as plastics such as PVC.

With structures being designed to utilize whole bloks and eliminate other materials in the wall structure, Lok-N-Blok builds should result in less job site waste.

Lok-N-Blok will be working towards reduced carbon footprint with less site prep, weight of transport, etc.

Lok-N-Blok is recyclable.

Performance & Durability

Your walls are always working—every day, in every season. At any given time, water/moisture, fire, weather conditions, and an array of pests can pose serious problems. That’s why Lok-N-Blok green building products are designed to help your home withstand whatever mother nature dishes out.

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You don’t need to settle for less. Lok-N-Blok gives you the design freedom you want and the peace of mind you need.

  • Fire resistance
  • Water resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Mold resistance
  • Lightweight—90% less weight than a conventional concrete masonry unit (~6.2 lbs.)
  • UV resistance
  • Earth-friendly/green
  • Bacteria resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • High compression strength
  • Field modifiable
  • A minimum 10 times stronger when measuring the design capability over a conventional concrete block product


April Hill Kennedy
Owner, Kennedy Design/Build
Ohio, USA

“My background in the building industry, design, and sales all allow me to see the huge potential and game-changing ability of this product.”

Dan LaFreniere
Dan’s Handyman Service and Repair
California, USA

“Obviously, you have built something with Lok-N-Blok. I do believe that this would be an excellent product for waterfront properties or areas that are prone to flooding.”

Joel Gordon
Florida, USA

“Looks promising in the South Florida environment, where everything else rots or rusts.”

Joe McDaniel
Previous President/Owner, Par-4 Plastics
Kentucky, USA

“Your block (Lok-N-Blok) is going to be the most disruptive technology this industry has ever seen.”

Reggie Lee
Educator, Brooks County Schools
Georgia, USA

“Being able to do most of the construction ourselves would save a considerable amount of money. Your product appears to be a perfect alternative to the planned cinder block walls for these buildings.”

John Hummel
Architect, Lenken Design, a Design/Build firm in western PA
Pennsylvania, USA

“Your block (Lok-N-Blok) is going to be the most disruptive technology this industry has ever seen.”

Lok-N-Blok High-performance, green building products from Lok-N-Blok are made to withstand the elements, your unique design ideas, and your budget.
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